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moving from Workspace email to cPanel

I'm moving from workspace email to cPanel, somewhat forced as it is being removed, and I have made changes to the A, MX and CNAME records for the domain, based on instructions in the help section, but I still can't recieve any emails, although I'm not getting any "undeliverable" responses so they must be going somewhere!  Is there anyone out there who could check the config and see if there is anything I have done wrong as I'm pretty new to this.


Hi @prozakk,


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Changes to the domain's DNS can take 24-48 hours. Are you still experiencing issues? If so, please reply with the domain name so the Community can check it here. In addition, let us know if you are using webmail to send and receive, or an email client (such as Outlook, AppleMail, or Thunderbird).



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