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i cant receive email from my my godaddy email

Two days ago i purchased a webhost and domain from godaddy ... with outing touching anything i just created an email and tried to send it out a test email then i found out the email can be send though webmail but when someone try to send me an email i can't receive it ... when i try to contact support by the way godaddy has the worst support communication method ever.. they have only call phone as support Skype has suspended their phone and i can't not reach them .. how can be a company like godaddy does not provide support chat to middle east people... how shame.. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: i cant receive email from my my godaddy email

Hi @twana. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! My guess would be that your domain is set up to use another email service. That is typically the cause of sending/receiving issues. If you can provide your domain and more information about what services you're trying to use, that may help others offer a solution. 


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