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email containing url blocked due to blacklist IP but email client works well!



We are on a shared hosting plan at godaddy and have a problem which maybe you can shed some light on how to resolve as had little joy with godaddy support.



Basically the site, which is really basic and developed in classic asp, has a "recommend to a friend" functionality which sends out an email using cdo message/asp. We do not use any forms so no bounce back msgs.


Since the email contains the site url, the email gets blocked or does not go through
One work around which sort of works is to use a url redirect in the msg body however this takes the user to the home page rather to the product!
The IP address is: and malicious redirect on the shared hosting plan which got us into trouble is "
Is this the source of our problem or is this something else?!
Other than using any other smpt relays - any idea who to get off the blacklist which is for a site nothing to do with me? Cannot seem to get the msg across to godaddy who tell me their servers are not blacklist!
The domain email using a thick or thin client works normally!