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email compose window fails to load

email compose/reply/forward windows fail to load fully. 3 days now.



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Hi @garyh,


I'm afraid that much more detail is needed here................ if you want a serious answer that is?

i want to create email in my cpanel like info but it denied


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Hi @2468@garyh,


This would be for workspace email:




all the email i created in my cpanel wipe all and enable to create another one


Same problem in Firefox version 55.0.3.  Works find in Chrome but not Firefox.  GoDaddy rep said to just use Chrome when sending e-mails.  I don't care to do that.  Need Workspace Email to work on Firefox.

@garyh wrote:

email compose/reply/forward windows fail to load fully. 3 days now.



Same issue with Firefox here when trying to compose a message. I hit "compose",  a compose window opens, my signature loads, and then a I get a little swirling icon showing something is loading but nothing does. I can't place my curser on the compose window and type more than one letter. However, switching to plain text and turning off rich text works. But that defeats having a signature added to each email I compose.


I spoke to cust care a couple days ago and she advised trying to compose in a private Firefox tab - which I did. Didn't work either. She says they have no known issues. I'm afraid that's about to change as more people encounter this.


I also cannot compose, reply, or forward email as page is stuck in "loading" mode.  I can however read email.  Using Firefox 55.03 internet browser.  Any help appreciated!  Thanks....


Having the same problem here.  Using Mozilla; have never had this problem before today.  Signature/background loads and swirling timer keeps swirling.  Can read emails, but can't reply to them.  Please fix it! 



inbox loads fine, but hit reply and the window opens, the load icon locks and nothing happens.


I called Go Daddy Customer help a couple weeks ago--they guy kept making excuses--must be there, you are out of space, etc. I wasn't. Regardless, somehow I fixed it myself--and Now it is happening again and I don't recall what I did. I thought it was clearing cache, but that wasn't it.

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I have been having the exact same problem for over a week now. Email loads fine in Firefox, can be read, but any attempt to reply, forward or compose is locked with a time icon that never goes away. I called customer support, and they were very dismissive once they discovered I could compose in Edge. They suggested I install Chrome. I do not want to install Chrome. All of my work links are saved in Firefox. I switch back and forth between a Win 10 and a legacy Win XP machine, with the Firefox browsers synced. This problem does not happen on the Win XP system. So something either in the latest Win 10 update or Firefox update triggered this. Firefox is supposed to be a compatible browser for GoDaddy. This should be investigated and a solution broadcast. In the meantime, I have to boot my old system to send any work emails.

I am also having the same problem. This is impacting my business, because I do all my work through Firefox. This needs to be fixed by Godaddy, not just send people to other browsers instead. Please respond ASAP.

I am having the same problem,started on 9/04/17.Firefox 55.0.3 32 bit

I agree, the problem seems to be with Firefox somehow . . . but I found a way around it until Firefox (or GoDaddy) resolves it. 


I used Internet Explorer with no "loading" problem in Compose.  (I use Explorer and Edge -- in that order -- in addition to my first preference, Firefox.) 


When one browser doesn't work, use another one!

I finally found out that the problem is with the "classic view".  If you change to the "updated view" it will work properly.