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When trying to access email, getting sporadic errors

When I log into to check my Godaddy account email, I go to ""


However, about 1/2 the time, instead of the usual email page, with my Inbox, I am getting a page full of some sort of scripting errors. I am including the first few lines below:


This happens roughly 1/2 the time, and it seems as though the site is trying to redirect me to some other URL. Any idea what's going on?

------------ Error messages Start ----------------

var tinymce={majorVersion:'3',minorVersion:'2.2.1',releaseDate:'2009-03-19',_init:function(){var t=this,d=document,w=window,na=navigator,ua=na.userAgent,i,nl,n,base,p,v;t.isOpera=w.opera&&opera.buildNumber;t.isWebKit=/WebKit/.test(ua);t.isIE=!t.isWebKit&&!t.isOpera&&(/MSIE/gi).test(ua)&&(/Explorer/gi).test(na.appName);t.isIE6=t.isIE&&/MSIE [56]/.test(ua);t.isGecko=!t.isWebKit&&/Gecko/.test(ua);t.isMac=ua.indexOf('Mac')!=-1;t.isAir=/adobeair/i.test(ua);if(w.tinyMCEPreInit){t.suffix=tinyMCEPreInit.suffix;t.baseURL=tinyMCEPreInit.base;t.query=tinyMCEPreInit.query;return;}
function getBase(n){if(n.src&&(/tiny_mce(|_dev|_src|_gzip|_jquery|_prototype).js/.test(n.src)||/group=tinymce/.test(n.src)))
t.baseURL=base+t.baseURL;return t.baseURL;}
return null;};nl=d.getElementsByTagName('script');for(i=0;i<nl.length;i++){if(getBase(nl[i]))


Re: When trying to access email, getting sporadic errors

try using


Re: When trying to access email, getting sporadic errors

I tried that, and it works, but then the problem only happened sporadically, so we'll see. But I'll accept this as solution for now. If I see it again, I'll reopen the issue.

Re: When trying to access email, getting sporadic errors

Forgive me for my hasty acceptance of a Solution, but, in fact, it make no difference... It will still sometimes look like it has loaded the email Inbox, but then will try to redirect me to another page, which is when I still get the error.