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Using company domain as default instead of on GoDaddy

We are having an issue now we are trying to use additional service in Office 365 such as teams and projects.  We need to make sure when we create a new Planner i Plan or a new Team in Teams that we can have a group email address that is using our company domain instead of the assigned domain.

Our company domain is assigned as the secondary domain and the simple solution would be to assign our company as the default domain, which is straightforward on Office365 direct from Microsoft, but the option is not available on the GoDaddy version.

I spoke to support yesterday and they told me that it is not possible to change the default domain and I really don't believe the answer I received.

Does anybody have any advice for how this can be fixed?


So to summarize:

  1. Our primary domain is which was assigned when we setup the account.
  2. We had our real company domain added as an additional domain.
  3. When we create Office 365 Groups, Team Projects and Plans in Planner, we need the Office 365 Group email account that is created automatically to be created for our real company domain not the internal domain.


Our last straw is going to be migrating our entire corporate system over to a real Microsoft Office 365 account from a GoDaddy Office 365, which I really don'y want to have to do.