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Unable to Send From Email Address After Sending Bulk Thru *External* Relay


My boss has observed that occasionally, he can't send emails thru No one else (in the company) experiences the same issue and the problem seems to go away after a few hours.


My boss believes this occurs after sending out a monthly newsletter to several hundred customers. The strange thing is he sends the emails from Insightly, thru SendInBlue's transaction email relay. In other words, he is not sending thru, but he suspects he is still getting throttled.


Any suggestions on how we might fix this issue?


Thank you




Brett Sh

Community Manager

Hi @BrettShe. Since it's not happening to other email addresses, it seems likely that it's something specific to the address in question. Depending on the type of error that they're receiving when they try to email, it could be related to what they are sending. I'd recommend getting in touch with support when the issue is occurring so they can check to see if it's something on our end. 


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