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Trash not using search function

I frequently have to clean the "unread" emails (spam/newsletters/return receipts/etc.) from the trash, which means I search on certain key words and can delete in large clusters (we don't want to delete relevant emails for at least 3 months). I used to be able to enter keyword after keyword without having to reload the trash each time. But now, all of a sudden, I DO have to reload the trash each time (if I enter a second keyword without reloading, the search returns nothing). This is more or less just extra time-consuming for an already annoying task, and I'm wondering if a setting changed to make it work like this? 


Hi @HTPurrball

We updated our search feature to not search all folders. This change was made to improve the overall performance of your email. There is not a way to change that setting.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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OK, thanks. I was only ever searching the Trash, so I didn't know why the search was not working. However, I've discovered if I go into Advanced Search and use the Edit Search Parameters function (though I have to reselect Trash every time, as it defaults to Inbox), it works almost as well & as fast as it used to. 😄