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Tenant storage quota?

How much total space can a Business Premium tenant use, including email, Group files, and so on?  How can I see how much I have used?

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Welcome to the Community. While I'm more of a domains guy, I think I've got two quick answers for you.


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The correct answer to this question is that the tenant has a terabyte of storage over and above the individual terabyte that each user has.  So if a company has 5 paid users, their tenant would have six terabytes of total storage, although this storage is not shared.   


The storage that the groups are using can be viewed on a per group basis as follows:

  •     Surf to OneDrive within the browser.  A list of your groups should populate the left column.
  •     Choose a group.
  •     Click the gear in the black bar at the top.  A setting menu should open below the gear.
  •     Click on Site Settings.  This should bring up a huge array of site settings to choose from.
  •     Under Site Collection Administration, choose Storage Metrics.
  •     You may need to clear away a menu hiding the rightmost part of the screen, but at the upper right, you will see how much of your shared space is free at the tenant level.