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Not receiving emails using Contact 7 in Wordpress

I've been trying to troubleshoot why I can't receive emails using my contact 7 form. I used the Falmingo plugin and I can see it send but its the server thats blocking it for some reason. Im using our business outlook 365 account for the email and I dont know is our DNS is the reason its not working either.  


My email is our out microsoft account not one with GoDaddy.

Helper II

If I understand, you're relaying your mail through Microsoft.


If this is true, you'll have to setup a WordPress plugin + then setup your outgoing SMTP settings to do port 587 mail submission through your Microsoft account using your Microsoft user/pass.


Most WordPress SMTP plugins have a test mode, where you can send a test message to ensure your config is correctly setup.


I debug mail issues daily for my hosting clients.


The tool I use is a PERL script called swaks which can emulate any form of SMTP protocol + debug entire SMTP conversation, so you can see exactly why your transactions are failing.


Keep in mind, WordPress sends mail through either your system MTA or SMTP mail plugin, so you'll have to debug whichever you're using.


If you're using your system MTA, you'll have to setup your MTA to relay through Microsoft.


I recommend you use a WordPress plugin, as setting up + debugging MTA for relaying through other services can be daunting, unless you do this every day.