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Moving from cpanel email to Office365



I migrated one of my clients from GoDaddy to Office365 email.

I followed the instructions provided by GoDaddy 

That was to update the following

Name Target


Host Priority Target


Port Protocol Name Service Priority Weight Target


Name TXT Value

@v=spf1 -all


I was told that after the DNS updated in 24-48 hours, everything would work properly.

But it's been over a week and the autoconfig is still not working. If I try to use the autoconfig in Outlook, I get a certificate error and if i ignore the error, it does not find the mail server and my only option is to enter everything manually.


I have 5 other clients to migrate (over 100 mail accounts), but this process has been a pain.. The GoDaddy support is usually very good, but they have not been able to provide a final solution for this problem. It feels like they are guessing and not quite sure. And I don't want to begin the migration until I have this completely figured out.


 The domain is registered outside of godaddy, but all the hosting is done on GoDaddy.

I don't need cpanel email for this client anymore.


If anyone can provide a list of the DNS records that need to be there, that would be great.

Or any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!