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Moving emails back from Office365 to Godaddys Servers

Hi i joined godaddy before they had any alignment with office 365. We wanted to utilize their shared workspaces for files and documents and so I redirected the MX records to point to office 365 and set up the same email addresses there. I now want to close down my office365 and use godaddys email servers but i want to move the emails i've received while on office365 over as well (about 10 different accounts). The easy way would be just to set up email accounts in my Thunderbird software and copy the emails from one server to the other but I can't have the godaddy addresses go live until i disable the redirect to office 365 which will then prevent me logging in to the office365 servers to do the copy, i should say this is just my understanding and I may be making things more complicated than necessary.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to accomplish this? Sorry if i've not made it totally clear but hopefully i have.