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Meeting Invite with right timezone but wrong time

Although the timezone is set correctly in both Email and Calendar meeting invites arriving from another source (eg. an Outlook user) contain the wrong time even though they state the correct timezone - is this a translation issue somewhere in the service as the settings are correct?


Hey @squid_ink,


To help clarify, you're saying the invite sent from another user is not showing the correct time based on their time zone settings (instead of your own settings when received)? If I misunderstood, we'll need more clarification so other members can better suggest how to address this. 


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Hi... No, it's not showing the right time in the invitation, so even an invite sent from someone in the same timezone will be wrong.

Could someone at GoDaddy actually reply to this problem?


I am having the same exact problem, and it seems several others are as well. All time zones are set correctly (Outlook invite sender's computer and Outlook account have correct time zones, as does my computer and my GoDaddy Workspace Webmail settings), yet when I receive the invite the time is shifted earlier by one hour.

Go Daddy,


This issue with calendar entries reflecting a different timezone has been reported for over two years now!  Where is the solution.  I do not use Go Daddy Calendar and only use the WebMail option.  Calendar requests for 10 AM appear as 9 AM despite the fact that my mail is correctly set to CST and both parties are in CST.  I have the other party double check the timezone and it appears correct from the meeting request sender.


I did subscribe to the Go Daddy Calendar during the first 7-8 years but have since un-subscribed.  Maybe your system has my account locked in Mountain time zone.

I am having the same problem.  We use GoDaddy webmail, but do not use the calendar.  We also do not use Outlook.  Our emails and computers are set to the correct time zone.  When a customer sends an Outlook meeting invite, it is an hour off...for example an email was received regarding a 9am meeting, but the email said the meeting time was at 8am.  This happens on all 3 of our GoDaddy emails whenever we receive these invites.  We are central standard time.  Help!



I am having the same issue. I showed up an hour early to the meeting and cursed meeting organizer for setting the meeting incorrectly. GoDaddy folks, can you get your act together? This bug should not be that difficult to fix, right ?



I am having the same issues for years.  When my clients sent me a meeting invite from their own company's outlook calendar, if they are in the same time zone (Central), it shows up in my Godaddy webmail as one hour earlier.  If they are in East time zone, sometimes it shows up as one hour earlier but sometimes it shows up as correct time in my Godaddy webmail.  Can you please fix it?



We have had this issue for years and no one at go daddy has any answers.  Extremely Frustrated........  Has anyone found a solution to this?