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Emails Disappeared 2-weeks Old

Yesterday, suddenly all my inbox emails that were over two weeks old just vanished.  They are not in trash or anywhere else to be found.  No other folder or email account were effected.  What happened & how do I recover?


Hi @Ron5, thanks for posting.

Do you use an email client, such as Outlook to check your email? If so, it's possible that it downloaded the emails and deleted them from the email server. If you are using Workspace email, you can call Support to see if the emails can be recovered.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

I am having the same issue.  Where would outlook have downloaded them to?

The same thing is happening to me.  My emails just disappeared anything over 2 weeks old.  I have unlimited space and have counted on them being there.  I called GoDaddy support and they said they would restore them, but they never showed up.  I am very frustrated as this is an ongoing issue that they are not solving!


Anyone have any clues on how to stop them from "deleting"?

We are experiencing the same issue....has anyone had any resolution?


I had the same issue and finally figured it out no help from GoDaddy.... Go to your webmail, right click on the inbox, select auto purge, and change it to never.

I am experiencing the same issue, regardless of purge settings. I had it set to "never" and emails older than 2 weeks disappear. I changed purge to 1 year, and the same issue 2-week auto-purge takes place. How to solve this problem?