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Email hacked? I can't comment on anyone else's posts

I wanted to keep this comment/question on another thread... but was not allowed to (a red x appeared when trying to select a box to post). So, 'here's a new thread. Ever since I was forced over to Microsoft 365 by GoDaddy about four months ago, my email has been 'spoofed' or whatever you call it. It's been compromised and I've paid extra money to protect my account, but it is continuing. I have not been able to send out emails for a month and today cannot receive them. I'm on hold for a projected 35 minutes with GoDaddy and I'm at the end of my rope. 

I am not in the mood to have to fix this myself as I have already been directed before on 'fixes' but nothing helped. I had 'soft porn' images sent out from my email account hourly for weeks. That's not happening since the last time I called in, but now the whole thing is hosed up. I don't know how to explain what's wrong - I'm just hoping to find some direction here because I can't get through to GoDaddy. 

I'd also like to say that the "We are still assisting other customers..." line shouldn't be repeated every 20 seconds!!! 'Can't it wait for a minute or two? 35 minutes is a long time to listen to that happy voice with an unhappy message. 

I've missed appointments due to this email not working... and now waiting this long is not cool at all. 


I've had similar problems since GoDaddy "upgraded" my account to Office 365.  If you don't purchase Office 365 through them, (ie, if you already have it on your computer) they won't provide product support.  I have several upset clients because it took me an entire day to get my email working again.  As the tech told me, "If you buy tires for your car, you still have to pay somebody to put them on," meaning it will cost me if I expect GoDaddy to help solve the problem that they created.  I suspect they did all this hacking themselves to get us to spend more $$.