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Email Sending Limits



I have Unlimited Business, Unlimited Storage Workspace email account with GoDaddy and I usually access it via Microsoft Outllook and POP3.


Today i sent an email and got a refusal message from the server - "550 User xxxx  has exceeded 24 hour sending limit. Message to 250 recipients out of 250 allowed have been sent. Relay quota will be reset in ......"


Now, I checked - there is no way I sent 250 email in the last 24 hours. And in any case, I have an Unlimited account.


When I use the same email account via Webmail - no problems. emails are sent just fine.


Any ideas on what's going oin here?


Thanx in advance,









Advocate III Advocate III
Advocate III

Re: Email Sending Limits

There is a good chance that a spammer has hijacked your email address. Check with GoDaddy ASAP.

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