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Confused about GoDaddy email offerings

I have many domains registered with GoDaddy. I do not use any hosting services here. I am interested in moving only my email services for all of these domains to a new provider, and am considering GoDaddy. I'm a sophisticated user, can run my own SMTP/POP3 but prefer not to. We use Outlook for normal mail but I occasionally setup accounts for website usage with PHP and other tools. So I don't care about a browser-based email client, and I really am hoping to find an API for managing email accounts.


But the sales/marketing documentation for GoDaddy email services is somewhat vague.


They talk about per-user/per-month pricing but I have no idea how that relates to individual domains, and aliases in each of those domains.


I don't understand what value-add GoDaddy is providing over a direct relationship with Microsoft for Microsoft Office 365. I'm checking with Microsoft separately.


Can someone please point me to solid information on these topics? With as large as GoDaddy is, I'm really surprised that their website and other marketing is so simplistic on this topic. Or is Chat/Support the only place to get this kind of detail?



Community Manager

Hi @CaptainStarbuck. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'll try to answer your questions the best I can. First, there are a few differences between the plans/products when they are offered by GoDaddy vs Microsoft. You can see most of those just by reviewing the product pages for both providers. The larger difference in what GoDaddy offers is the support experience. We have a dedicated team of agents that can help businesses get set up using the Office email products and software. That might not be a fit for you if you are looking for something with more of an administrative, API interface. For something like that, you might want to look into hosting an exchange server or something similar instead. 


As for the lack of this information in print, you're right in assuming that we'd like customers to talk to our customer care team. The biggest reason for this is so we can help customers get the right products and services together, right from the start. As you've probably noticed, we offer a lot of different products and services and it can get overwhelming for a lot of folks very fast. That's why our support team is available 24/7 via telephone. 


In regard to domains/users specifically, the prices on our website for email hosting are for individual addresses. There are limits to how many addresses can be assigned to a single domain, but it's quite high (300). This does not count toward email aliases though, which are unlimited. Essentially, you would pay the monthly (or annual) price to get access to the full range of email services for one email address. Hope that helps. 



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I've been a godaddy customer since 2001.  I have three domains and have accumulated 5-6 G of email over the years.  They've now priced me out of their email products by charging $9.99 per/user, per/month.


This is ridiculous.  I don't want Office 365, Microsoft crap or support.  I want the product they sold me.  Inexpensive.  Five users.


Short of that - I'll be porting my email to Google Suite.  Do your own comparison.  Godaddy vs. Google Suite.  For $10 per/user, per/month Google blows Godaddy out of the water.