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Cant send emails thru email clients (Outlook or Thunderbird)



We have a couple of domains and web/email hosting with Godaddy, and recently, one of the email stopped sending out emails (but can still receive). We are using Windows 10 and Outlook 2013.

Other domains/hosting are from Godaddy too and have the same exact settings ( and can send out emails with no problems. So I concluded that it's something on your end is not working with that specific domain/hosting of ours.

I have contacted Godaddy support over the phone and waited for some change(s) that they made on your side, 72h, and still didnt fix the problem.

I contacted the Tech Support again after 4 days unable to send emails, she tried to upsale us to another package and when I refused to pay (almost 300USD), she said email client is not their product, and that godaddy only covers webmail, which I find absurd!

Why are you listing the SMTP settings, and Outlook instruction in your website, Cpanel... if Email client is not your product?





i have the exact same problem, did u resove this issue? 

please HELP!!

Hi, We fixed it ourselves by trying to reset the email password (it was a very complex once as well).

I'm going to advise all of my other clients against using GoDaddy, useless customer support!!

Hi @quyda,


Great job... it sounds like you resolved your own issue with the option to reset your password. Neither Outlook or Thunderbird are GoDaddy products, as they're developed by other companies - from whom you will need to seek support in using the product. We do provide the settings and ports required to use, in order to reach our email servers. Should you have need to alter or update those settings when opting for another plan, please contact our support for 24/7 assistance at the number most convenient to you in the link below. 



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Hi @VickySB,


Welcome to the Community!


While it's not clear which email plan you are using, we have a number of articles that can help you double-check the settings required for use with a third-party email client. If you go to and choose the email type, you can see articles that will assist you with setup.


You may also see helpful links inside your email plan that will direct you to the settings and DNS required. And, of course, our 24/7 support can help you test your outgoing email connection in real time to be sure your email functions.



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