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All emails in my inbox have vanished

This is the second time in 2 weeks this has happened... I'm checking my emails on my Samsung and I swiped one email to delete, and my entire inbox deleted.  I went to my laptop to check and sure enough they were all gone.  Any advice on how to get them back and what is going on?  Thank you!


Hi, I just had the same issue. I filed one email under Apple Mail and my entire inbox got swept away...!? All I got left with were 3 or 4 of the most recent emails I had received. 


This happened on Friday. Since then, I've been in touch with GoDaddy's support team 6 or 7 times (over the chat or telephone) but no one was able to fix the problem...


Apparently because I am in Europe and/or because of some POD-related issue (I have no idea what that is), they can't restore my mailbox. There's simply no backup...


I pay 129 euros per year for this service and it is my professional mailbox. So losing all those emails is a huge blow for me. And it's totally unacceptable that GoDaddy can't help. 


So if anyone is able to help, it's much appreciated!


Thanks a lot.