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Advice for GoDaddy when switching customers to office 365 for email

Hi guys,


A quick bit of advice when you are switching users across to office 365.

Instead of sending the users an email telling them that they need to download the switch assistant how about asking if they already are using outlook first?

I already had outlook set up with various accounts, so all I really needed to do was add another exchange account.

However I followed the email I was sent and downloaded the assistant, and it proceeded to clear out my existing outlook and only load on the exchange account being hosted by GoDaddy. So now I have to go and reconnect all of my other accounts again, redo all of the signatures and now it doesn't recognise the regular recipients of my emails so I have to go back to typing in the full addresses until they are recognised again.

All in all a total pain in the backside.

Don't assume that your customers only have the need for the one account you are hosting.




I tried to give kudos to mtf_eng.  I noticed that you had not received any.  Then I was told that I couldn't give you kudos.  Maybe because I was not logged into the community?  Anyway, you made some very good points.  I have had many of the same problems.  I am truly afraid to attempt to switch my sister in law's Win7 PC over, as she can't stand to lose her contacts or folders.