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Able to send but not able to receive emails

When I configured my email ID ( in office 2010, I am not able to receive any email. I can send email in outlook but not receiving any... Please help me.


Following is the error which I am getting when I tried to send email from another Gmail account.

Task ' - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC0F) : 'The message cannot be saved to your IMAP e-mail account Sent Items folder, because Outlook is offline or the e-mail server doesn’t allow items to be saved to the Sent Items folder.'



What email system are you trying to use?


Hopefully this helps: I can tell your domain is pointing to Google's paid G-Suite mail service by looking at the MX records. If that's the service you're trying to use then you'll need to work with google to correct this.

Is there any way to reset to original setting? We changed it to make it authorized and not consider mail as spam...