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change the name servers of a domain to aws route53



Today I tried to change the name servers of my domain to aws route53. 

By the way, mistakenly I added two name servers from aws route53 into the name servers menu.(I got 4 name server addresses from aws route53). 


But the problem is the default godaddy  nameserver addresses still there with the two added name server addresses from aws route53. 


As a result, my domain is now stuck and I called Godaddy CS. Then he said that it was in a pending status. 

But I know it normally takes a few minutes to update it. Because a few days ago I did the same thing for another domain in Godaddy. 


Now I am so nervous and please help me fixed as soon as possible! 


Community Manager

Hi @idreamer. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It is possible for a domain to be in a pending status for a short time after nameservers have been changed. However, under normal circumstances, this doesn't last more than a few minutes. If you're still having trouble, you'll need to contact our customer care team again. As this is not a support forum, no one here in the community would have access to your account in order to try to get this fixed. Hope that helps. 


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