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Web traffic fail



For the last few weeks I am facing an issue of not loading our website hosted with Godaddy. I have tested with the following scenarios...


1. Tested trace route with 2 ISP's and it reaches the

2. The issue is only with the active 2 IP's from both the ISP's. If i change my IP it works.

3. I tried telnet to port 21 & 25 both works well with the problematic IP's however port 80 & 443 fails.


What could be the reason for above? I did contact GoDaddy helpdesk and they say its a problem on the ISP side. But my question was why for both ISP's and why does certain protocols work and certain doesnt? The IP's which i have tried are from a same block of IP's given by the ISP's so if its an ISP issue I assume it should reflect for all IP's. 


Any help or have anyone faced similar issue with Godaddy?

Community Manager

Hi @Naufalu. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It is possible that an ISP or a region can have trouble connecting to specific sites, due to the way DNS is routed. I'd suggest performing a traceroute test to see what is happening with the connection. That should give you some clue as to where the connection is having trouble. 


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