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Update Domain Contacts via API


I'm trying to update the contact information of a domain via the API.

my request is like below :

curl -X PATCH -v -H 'Authorization: sso-key <KEY>' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' "" -d \
	  "contactRegistrant": { 
		"nameFirst": "Domain", 
		"nameLast": "Admin", 
		"organization": "Company Inc.", 
		"email": "", 
		"phone": "1.1234567891", 
		"fax": " ", 
		"addressMailing": { 
		  "address1": "195 Broadway", 
		  "address2": "", 
		  "city": "New York", 
		  "state": "New York", 
		  "postalCode": "10007", 
		  "country": "US" 

but i got this error :
INVALID_BODY: Request body doesn't fulfill schema, see details in `fields`

NB: the body of the request showed above is transformed to be a json object of one line.


Super User I

Hello and welcome to the community @Gabinho237 . I'm a GoDaddy user like yourself and noticed that no one has responded to your post. Were you able to get the API to work? If not, I might you calling GoDaddy support team and see if they can better assist you.

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
Navy Veteran and Entrepreneur | GoDaddy Pro user | "Proud to be serving others!"

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