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Transferring Domain Name without losing WHOIS privacy protection

I want to transfer one of my domain names to another registrar. The receiving registrar requires that WHOIS info be set to public. My question is how to maintain my privacy when transferring. One option would be to set the WHOIS info to public for a few minutes until i get the confirmation email from the new registrar, and after clicking on the confirm button, go back to GoDaddy and set WHOIS to privacy again. The problem with this is that (1) GoDaddy will not put back privacy unless you again buy another year of privacy, and (2) the WHOIS info will be public for a while until the new registrars email comes through and my private WHOIS info will likely be cached by a WHOIS web crawler.... Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

Hello @2017domainguy!


Thank you for posting! It's not possible to purchase private registration through us for a domain registered elsewhere. In order to transfer your domain, you need to remove private registration. Unfortunately, if the registrar you want to transfer to doesn't offer private registration, you'll need to have your information be listed in the Whois Database. One option to consider is to keep your domain registered here and just point it to your hosting.


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how do you make the WHOIS public to make a transfer?


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Hi @amykholt. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you have whois privacy through GoDaddy and you want to remove it to transfer elsewhere, you would need to cancel the Private Registration service. Hope that helps. 


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