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Point my GoDaddy Domain to a dynamic ip address

Right, so I am new here sorry if i sound dumb haha... Anyway, have just purchased a domain name on this site and was wondering how i point it to my web server i have at home, behind a dynamic ip and wouldn't really like to spend any extra money. How can I go about this? Thanks for any reply 🙂

Community Manager

Hi @harveyh. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I don't have a direct answer for how you can do this, but I know it can't be done using GoDaddy nameservers/DNS management. There are DNS providers out there that let you setup Dynamic DNS (DDNS) though. You should be able to find one by searching online. Then, it would be a matter of pointing your domain's nameservers toward that provider


On another note, I would also suggest that you check with your internet connection provider to find out if they allow this kind of connection. They may block the ports that are used for browsers to connect to a webserver on some service plans. Hope that helps. 


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