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Nameserver issue

I have a domain on godday and hosting on discountasp which is working fine. I bought another daomian on godaddy and created a new account with discountasp and purchased a hosting. Now they gave me  the nameservers for new hosting. I changed the nameservers for the new domain on godaddy but the second site , i am getting no page found.

site 1 name server, , 

site 2 name server, , 

Is this causing an issue. i do not know whether this needs to be fixed on godaddy side or discountaso side. I am lost



Community Manager

HI @memphisguy. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! This is more than likely an issue on your web host's side. My guess would be that somehow the nameservers are not set up to host the DNS for the domain. I'd recommend reaching out to them to find out what is happening. Hope that helps. 


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