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My Subdomain couldn't point to VPS IP

Hi guys,

Currently my subdomain couldn't point to my VPS IP although I set it up in my domain management panel. I'm using a VPS of other party.

Please help me if I'm missing some things.

Thank you.


Re: My Subdomain couldn't point to VPS IP

Hi @Thuan,


Welcome to the Community!

While you didn't list the domain, be sure to check several things. When setting up the subdomain in the A record, use only the subdomain and not the domain in the "host" field. For example... if your subdomain is "", only put "shop" as the host and the IP address in the "points to" field. 


Also, any changes to the DNS can take 24-48 hours to propagate globally. If you are still not directing to the correct server, you will need to verify the IP address is correct. 



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