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Make My domain the IP address for a Minecraft Server



I bought a Domain i wanted to use as my ip address i want people to use to join. I have an A record set up on the domain i want people to use.

Host: Minecraft

Points to: The ip address my server owns

TTL is 1 hour


Im aware people are suppose to use: Domain:Port but i feel like im doing something wrong? Posts that i read confuse me a little.  So im hoping someone will dumb it out of what my DNS for my domain is suppose to have and how long i need to wait for it to update!



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I found this article on pointing a domain registered at Go Daddy to a Minecraft server.

Not sure if this is right but i followed the instructions dispite not hosting from mcprohosting dont think that matters?


Does this look right?:


 Type NameValueTTL 
SRV_minecraft._tcp.@0 0 29601 mc1/2 Hour

That was the most concise article I found, but it did not seem this was host specific.


Make sure the sub-domain is different for the A (Host) and SRV (Name) records, you would access it with the SRV record.


For the target on the SRV record use the sub-domain created with the A record, on the target side spell it out ( instead of just subdomain).

Yeah i noticed a value wasint actually inputting and renaming itself to @ or 0. I may have figured it out but again does this look right?:


Type               Name                               Value                                        TTL                 Actions

A                        minecraft       1 Hour       Edit
SRV       0 0 29601       1/2 Hour


How long doe this take to update before i see it take effect if i done it right ?

DNS propagation usually happens within an hour or two but it can take up to 48 hours.

Still doesint seem to be working and i game it time. Gonna asume i use mc."":29601, and iv tryed other combinations.

Any thoughts?

Here's a guide that explains how to point your domain to a Minecraft server with GoDaddy:


This guide also includes a video and screenshots - very easy to follow!