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Maintain email functionality during domain transfer to GoDaddy



I am in the process of trying to move my company domain name registration to GoDaddy from Yahoo Small Business (now Aabaco). Our website is hosted by an outside website builder, but Yahoo handles our email and domain. How can I set up a domain transfer to GoDaddy without losing our email in the meantime? Will the email still function at Yahoo until the domain transfer is complete? Can I point the name servers at Yahoo to GoDaddy before the transfer is completed and just get our email there ahead of time?




@pgsg1322, thanks for posting.

When you purchase a domain transfer, you have the option to keep the current nameservers or to use our default ones. In your situation, you would want to keep the current ones.
During the actual transfer process, there should be no interruption of service. The most common time there is an interruption is when the transfer completes and the domain becomes active with us. However, at that point you can update the domain through us, if needed, to point back to your email services.
You may also want to follow up with Yahoo, and ensure that the email will remain active with them after you move your domain name away from them. Sometimes these services are linked together and once the domain name is no longer active with them, the email service is canceled.

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My question is similar but not sure if the same--I want to transfer my registration from network solutions to go daddy--my reg is up Aug 18th--My current ISP and web host is verio and I will be keeping them for a short while. about 2 months and then get an eCommerce set up with go daddy--the same as the original ? I want my email to not mis a beat-currently it is on my verio web host--is that possible ?

Hi @mistymaggie, thanks for joining the community and posting!

You will want to select the option to keep the current nameservers when initiating your domain transfer. This will keep all your DNS settings the same and working with your current provider until you are ready to make a change.



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I have a similar query: we just successfully transferred a domain from Network Solutions' reseller Rediff to GoDaddy. Our domain DNS is being managed through Rediff panel. However, our website hosting plan has always been with GoDaddy.


Now at GoDaddy, we're attempting to change the nameservers to GoDaddy Default from the presently Custom, that is Rediff's nameservers.


Question 1: What will be the impact on the e-mail services, and which of the following two records be correct to add in GoDaddy DNS:

A     mail     @     1 Hour

A     mail     <IP of the hosting server>     1 Hour


Question 2. Should we make nameserver changes in the old Rediff panel as well to point to GoDaddy's nameservers? Or that change is irrelevant and not required?


Question 3. In case mail service goes down after changing nameservers to GoDaddy, will reverting the nameservers to point the old Rediff again restore it?