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How to update ICANN contact info on multiple domains

There are no longer any check boxes in my account to select multiple domains to edit contact info. I need to update my registrant address on all of my domains, and for only specific fields, ie; technical, administrative. How do I do this at one time, instead of having to edit each domain manually, which would be pretty much impossible?


Hi, My domain is not showing in the list, please help, i have tried to contact the support via phone and waited for 27 minutes  to no avail at all, no one attended to my call.

I used free one month hosting initially and on expiration I decided to delete the free hosting account so I can add nameservers for hosting, just to realize that the domain name is no longer showing. I want my domain name to show on my account id.



In the upper right hand corner, there is a toggle that looks like this:  


Select the icon on the right to enable advanced list mode. You can then multi-select domains for mass changes.