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How to Access Nextcloud Server Using GoDaddy Subdomain


Is there a way to access my Nextcloud server hosted on my home network by using a GoDaddy subdomain? Basically, I would like to create a subdomain such as and use it to access my Nextcloud server.


I have created an OpenMediaVault server and used docker to install Nextcloud. Now, I can access the Nextcloud site and files locally within my network just fine using the local IP address and assigned port (i.e.


However, I would like to access the Nextcloud server from outside my network by using a subdomain from GoDaddy (i.e. I have read that I can share/open ports to my network but people in forums say that that is not a good idea as it is opening my ports to all. I think I can get OpenVPN configured for me to access the server. However, since I would like other family members to access it, it may be a bit much to ask them to setup a VPN connection.


Therefor, is it possible to access my Nextcloud server via a subdmian from GoDaddy? If so, can you pls point me to some steps or documentation to do this?




Re: How to Access Nextcloud Server Using GoDaddy Subdomain



While we can't advise you on the setup of your Nextcloud server (and your VPN setup), perhaps this will assist you in directing a subdomain to the IP address you have noted.



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