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How do I create an extension to my domain (like

I purchased through GoDaddy, and forwarded that to a Weebly website (


I want to be able to direct people to a specific page on my website. The Weebly address for that page is, but of course I want to tell them to go to


A month ago, I had this set up without problems. I did it through GoDaddy, and the domain was forwarded and masked to Now, this has stopped working out of the blue, and a GoDaddy rep on the phone told me that what I was asking for (and what I'd successfully done in the past) was impossible. She told me that the best I could do was create the subdomain, and forward that. It worked -- kind of. If you type in, it will work, but if you add the "www" and type in, it will lead nowhere.


I'd like a solution to either retrieve the old way I had (forwarding to a site), or if this has suddenly become impossible, to understand how I can successfully forward


Thank you so much in advance I sincerely appreciate everyone's time here.


*Ethical point: I'm not hiding what I'm trying to do: I tried to get around Weebly's paid services by forwarding a GoDaddy domain to the site. I've had so much trouble with this in the past few years, that last week I purchased a squarespace website, so that I don't run into so many problems. The new website is not finished yet, and I'd like to have this problem above fixed so that I can still send my clients to the right space in the meantime.