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Hello, Why do I need a domain?

I am new to this so please be patient. I have just finished writing my first Novel. My :Publishing Coach" said I needed to get a domain in my name. Well, I have it. What do I do with it now? I have Googeled it but there is so much info, To be honest, I am confused. I am trying to keep track of everything to do with getting my book published, I don't know that my brain is ready for this too. Please help me if you don't mind.


Re: Hello, Why do I need a domain?

Hi @Yturbe-Rozar,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the GoDaddy Community! Smiley Happy If you own the domain and you'd like to set up a website or a business email using the domain you will need to purchase a hosting plan and an email plan. I'd recommend trying out our GoCentral Website Builder, you can also contact our live support so they can go over the different plans with you and answer your questions.


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Re: Hello, Why do I need a domain?


Hello @Yturbe-Rozar, Welcome.

As you said u just finished writing a Novel. That's really Great. Just to make a Strong online presence over the Internet you are told to get a domain. 

Why to have a domain?

1. To make sure no one else get your domain name registered before you do. (They can sell later for a higher amount)

2. With domain you can make your own Website(Godaddy helps you to all these Steps effectively).

3. Creating a Website will help people to Know more about you. And tend to increase the sale of Novel.

4. As new to it you will not be Able to see any great things happening but wait for it and As you write more you will see the results.

5. Lastly, but important Having own domain is like being unique Person on Internet.