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GoDaddy domain, third party email hosting

I have domain hosted with GoDaddy and my email hosting with another provider. Both GoDaddy and the third party email service provider confirmation the DNS records are fine but I am still getting the Server IP could not be found/ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED msg. 


I am bouncing between GoDaddy and the third party provider and nothing seems to work. All I was told is to go to the other party for help.. 


Please help!


Re: GoDaddy domain, third party email hosting

Greetings @Bridget266 ,


Welcome! That error indicates the DNS is not fully configured. In other words, something is missing, it could be missing or miss-typed data. Missing name information, MX settings, or a variety of causes.


As far as bouncing between providers, the solution should go something like this - the third party provider should give you all the information needed, that is the settings they require and then the implementation is done (records added or edited) on the GoDaddy side. We support millions of these configurations, so the correct data (provided) should work for you (don't forget some propagation time for it to take effect).  If you have the settings, our Support staff is there to assist.


I hope that helps,


Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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