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Error when trying to access delegated account domain


I have accepted delegated access to an account but whenever I try to see/do anything I just get sent to this error page


I had a chat with support yesterday and was told that it was a known problem that was being worked on


Unsurprisingly, I still have the same problem today.


Is this going to be fixed or do I just give up?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Error when trying to access delegated account domain

Hi @Andywithsome. Thanks for posting. This should be addressed now. However, in order to regain access to the domains, please have the owner of the account you're delegated to go to From there, they can click the pencil icon to edit the permissions for the folder you have delegate access to. It will look like the image below. If they don't have any folders set up, they'll need to edit the permissions for the main folder, which holds all domains. Hope that helps. Sorry for any inconvenience Man Sad


DCC6 access folders.png


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