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Domain privacy cost and potential removal?

In the following ; "Your personal information will be visible to the public. Note: Adding privacy after it’s removed requires buying privacy again."...



1 -Does domain privacy cost someting and if so, how much ?

2 -If i remove the privacy, will it be cash refund ?


Thanks all

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Re: Domain privacy...

  1. Yes, domain privacy does have a cost associated with it @jmord. You can see the latest prices on the GoDaddy Domain Privacy page.
  2. Typically when you cancel any GoDaddy product after the cancelation period you do not get a refund. The warning you listed is there for a reason. 

I hope that helps? 

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Re: Domain privacy...

 the GoDaddy Domain Privacy page is suspiciously void of any prices.


Re: Domain privacy...

Hi @mitchpowell,


Privacy is not sold as a separate (priced) item, then added to a domain. It's usually added at time of registration. If you wish to add the privacy feature to an already-registered domain, you can use the instructions here. You can review the price before purchasing by taking a look in the shopping cart when these instructions are complete. 



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