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DNS for TeamSpeak 3



So I have a TeamSpeak 3 server up and running. I recently (3 days ago) bought a DNS from GoDaddy and set up all the SRV records that were needed. I was told by the Help Agent that it would take up to 48 hours to find out if it is all correct or not. 48 Hours later, still does not work. However when connecting to the DNS in TeamSpeak 3 is comes up with the error message "Failed to connect to server". Yesterday it came up with the error message, "Failed to resolve hostname 'dnsdomainhere'"


So this is one part that I really need help with! I will include a picture of my DNS records here. I have created the 4 SRV records that are apparently needed. LINK HERE


I have the DNS also linked to a website too, so when tying in it takes you to the website.


Anyway, please check out the records and let me know if I did something wrong, I could really use the help!




Hi @TGMayhem!


Thank you for posting! While I'm not familiar with how to setup a TS server, there are a couple of things that I see. The subdomain, mostly for ease of use, is better if you just put ts in there rather than subdomain. So it would look like this: Then for people to connect, you would just need to have them go to This thread on the teamspeak forum appears to be helpful. 


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did you fix it find solition I have same problem