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DNS Forwarding not working

Currently dns forwarding is working for a google web page but i recently changed the forwarding address to another website and after 3 or 4 days it hasnt worked.

I want our current domain

To forward to:
Super User I

Make sure to delete the DNS records that point to your old provider (A or CNAME records for host www), and that you have a CNAME record for Host www to point to @.



Host: www

Points to: @

Well that got it working but none of the links work in navigation on the site. What could be causing that?

Edit: i turned off masking and now it links me to the new sites web address but what i want is the to be displayed for all pages - how would i do this?

Add the domain in your website account, turn off forwarding, and point the domain with DNS records.


A record -

Host: @

Points to: (the IP address for your website)


CNAME record-

Host: www

Points to: @

Ok change of plans, ive made a new website on go daddy and i want the to point to it. Do i follow these same steps?

Edit: ok i try this and its not working now it just says website coming soon.

Edit: ok i figured out i had to pay for the web hosting first for it to connect. I think i fixed it, ill let you know if i had problems.

Okay, sounds like you're up and running.