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Create a TXT record for your domain

Hi, Very new to this, I have signed up with Zohomail, for an email account, and as I did I was prompted to purchase a domain, I created a domain name which was acceptable, and then I completed the purchase for "one Mail Private registration", and was then directed to Godaddy, "to create a TXT record for my domain".

But I can not seem to find how or where to complete this task. Each time I enter the domain name I get a message that it is not registered. Can you help please.

When that is done do I presume that I go back to my account with Zohomail??


Hi @bmksk9803,


Welcome to the Community!


The instructions below will help you add the TXT record to your domain. You'll want to go to "My Products" under your profile, and click "Manage All" after the Domains heading. Once there, click directly on the domain, or use "Manage DNS" to get to the correct screen.





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