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    Managed WordPress - PHP7

    Hi there,


    I bought your Managed WordPress Developer Plan some months ago but my websites are running really slow - even simple things are taking too much time to load. I ran them through Page Speed Insights and the ‘Reduce server response time‘ message appears always in the reports.


    The main reason is because Managed WP is using PHP 5.6 when other competitors are already running PHP 7 for years, which would make my websites load faster.


    Yesterday, I called your Hosting Expert and he told me that the only solution would be changing it to your Business Hosting - which is much more expensive and I'm definitely not interested in that solution.


    Since your Pro Plan is only available for US and Canada, I would like to know when you'll make PHP7 available for the Developer Plan. Otherwise I will move everything to SiteGround asap because I can't wait much longer.




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    Re: Managed WordPress - PHP7

    I'm experiencing that same problem with that same plan. The live chat even refuses to load, i can't with the so called "24/7 support". I really wouldn't mind a refund. I've had enough.
    Super User III
    Super User III

    Re: Managed WordPress - PHP7

    @Halliagb  - You re-opened a topic from last year - although @Tierri  never did get a response. GoDaddy has been offering the upgraded version of PHP on the Managed WordPress plans for some time now. You can upgrade the PHP version in the hosting control panel. You can get to that by going to https://myh.godaddy.com and the selecting your site

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