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    No menu on Home page or throughout site

    Hi, we're new.  We reached out to Tech Support, but have not had the issue resolved.  Everything seems to work from their vantage point, but does not function when we check on live site on our own devices, or go to Big Box stores (ex; Staples or Kinkos) to check on live site, or from feedback we get from live site visitors.  We have several features that do not seem to be working in our Website + Marketing plan (from our end), so we decided to reach out to the Community to see if we can resolve.  Item #1: No menu shows.


    1. On laptop version, menu shows on our device, but when we go to stores (ex: FedEx), no menu.  There is just white space between our name/logo and photo.  


    2.  On mobile, both on our devices and on stores' computers, the bars for the menu do actually show, but nothing happens when you click on it!  


    Tech Support always says clear cookies on browser, or that it is our device.  Done so repeatedly, but still no resolution.   If it is our devices/networks, why same issues at stores and for site visitors?


    Noticed another person had similar issue on 4/3/20 in Community post (@GFP "Menu not showing up on desktop but on mobile device"), but no comments listed there.  


    Any advice would be appreciated!   Thank you.

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    What's the name of the site?


    Can you also post screenshots of where it's appearing? As well as the pages.


    such as if its on the about page



    Hi @3pmonline,


    Welcome to the Community!

    If you're seeing the same results on multiple websites, it's likely to be your browser settings. 


    1. It's not clear what you're seeing here and a screenshot may be helpful for the Community members to review.


    2. The most common cause for this is a setting on mobile devices that need to be enabled. Make sure pop-ups and cookies aren't blocked. Check to be sure JavaScript is enabled. This can happen for many people if they've opted to maintain these settings. And many mobile sites rely on these features to deliver content.


    You may wish to test by trying multiple browsers.



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