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site not updating on PC but updating on other devices

Hi all,


Hope that this is the right place, I've been having problems with my site timing out. When I chat live there's no problem their end and after a while my dashboard is available (i.e. doesn't time out). The pattern seems to be an initial problem, then wait, wait some more, try and again and I can finally get into my dashboard or add a new post etc.I should add that I'm checking my site and trying to log in via chrome and firefox, both have the same issue.


Just added a new post and when I check my site on the browsers on my PC it's not showing.


When I check my site from my phone the latest post is there, weirdly when I log on and view my site from the dashboard the post is there too. I wonder if there's a deeper issue where my PC is having issues with my site (some sort of lag?). It's been fine until recently.


Anyway, hoping that it'll go away but have a deeper sense it won't! Suggestions welcome.

Community Manager

Hi @ancientblogger. If our support team is able to load your dashboard and you're also able to do so via a mobile device, then you're likely looking at an issue with your desktop or your network connection. Something isn't allowing the site to load like it should. That could be anything from browser caching to an issue with your anti-virus software or a firewall. A good test would be to see if you can duplicate the issue on a friend or family member's computer, preferably on a different network. That should at least help you confirm whether the issue is on your end. Hope you're able to figure something out. 


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