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Getting Started

migrated website

I had wordpress site hosted with flywheel.


I bought a VPS with GoDaddy, and installed a cPanel. I named the cPanel


I migrated my site over and once I got everything working, I made the following changes:


I changed the name of the cPanel in WHM from to


I changed the settings in WordPress from to


I changed siteurl and home in the database from to (even though I didn't think I needed to, I thought when you updated it in the WP settings it updated the DB but apparently I was wrong)


I pointed the DNS for to my VPS IP


For some reason, when I type it redirects to


if I type it works (although much slower than it did before I installed the SSL)


why is it still redirecting to What have I forgotten to change?

I don't know why I'm using a fake domain, I might as well just tell you maybe it would help you troubleshoot. My website is


I don't need to use https to login to admin. works just fine. But redirects to

Helper V


Hi there,

You did all this after you set up your server to your liking ?

Could all be your server ......

Hope this gives you something to think about.


Mrsroadrunner Photography

This tells me nothing



When you get a nice shiny new server, you have to set your server up.....

Did you do this first?

Mrsroadrunner Photography