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Website not loading

Good Evening Everybody


Every evening sometime between 7:45 and 8:30 my site takes forever to load or refuse to load at all. It is the MOST frustrating thing!! (https//


Believing that I was at fault, I had an IT person go through my site and fix everything I might have been doing wrong. 


However, I am advised that this is a Godaddy problem due to how they deploy servers. And yes I got the message telling me I need to upgrade my plan, which is far from necessary.


It seems like I have no option but to move to another host...I simply can't take another Godaddy rip off!


Before I move( and I hate changing!) I would love to have some feedback on how many of you have/have had this problem and what did you do or are doing about it?








Re: Website not loading

I have unfortunately had issues with the Managed Wordpress hosting not loading very quickly or the server taking a few seconds to respond. I've moved a few sites from Managed Wordpress to normal web hosting plans and server response times have seemed to have increased. 


Re: Website not loading

Something I noticed is, there are 3 images on your homepage that are in a carousel/slider. The website is loading a 5184x3456 image. Since I see you're using Siteorigin page builder, go into the slider widget and instead of letting the FULL image load, choose the medium or large size for all three images. Or resize the full images to around 978x675, compress them and then re-upload them. Large image files will slow down your loading significantly.  It is always possible that your caching of images is set to 12 hours, so when you re-visit your own website that full image is loading instead of the cached, which can take many seconds if your connection isn't fast.


Re: Website not loading

Thanks!Will fix tomorrow!!Lorna Barrow - ITDSSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.