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Web class errors? Code or GoDaddy?

Randomly get the below message on our developer says its GoDaddy hosting issues but I am wondering if they are trying to protect crappy code...any help/ideas?


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Hi @RobPerez,


No, pretty sure this is a 'crappy' code issue. Well not crappy exactly, that's too harsh. But...... a close look at code is needed. What this is telling you is that the headers have already been sent. So even though you think that 'your header' is the first instance, something has gone before it!

A header has to have nothing before it generally, it has to be the first line............


Sorry I had more but then I lost connection....... grrrr not retyping it all. Think you get the gist of it though Smiley Happy

Thank you sir!  I am pushing back on the devs...I also think its a code issue.