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Unhappy with hosting policies and prices

Yes I have thought about cancelling before due to random inconvenience. However a month ago I noticed my bill changed from 8.99 a month to 13.99 a month! No service change? Just sudden price gouge...

So I tried contracting godaddy but that was a pain so I figured I’ll deal with it later since I have a ton of sql databases to move etc.

So today I get a notice listing just about every directory on my website claiming I am storing large files and to get rid of them or my account will be deleted?

Really? I can’t even store a zip file of music I created in my bands website?

This is completely unreasonable, and every other directory too? I run about 20 websites on this web hosting account.. now I gotta go delete all non html / image files?

What a useless service this is now... I am currently looking into the easiest ways to migrate away from godaddy. Tired of complaints when I use the service normally and have used it the same over ten years... irritated my price went up 5 whole dollars with no notification.

My consolation prize will likely be a 10 settlement check whenever someone decides to start a class action lawsuit.

I had to submit this with no labels because apparently ‘problem’ and ‘complaint’ are not allowed lol.

Community Manager

Hi @Clownsec. Thanks for reaching out with your feedback. You've made a few points so I will try to address each. 


In regard to hosting price, for the last few months, we have been systematically moving customers that are on older hosting plans (Classic Hosting) to newer plans with additional resources (Web Hosting). Older servers/plans are being retired. While the migration itself is free and you may not have been aware that it happened, that could be what accounted for the price change. A customer service agent could confirm whether or not this is the case for you. I'm sorry this caught you off guard. 


Regarding the email notice, it sounds like your account may be in violation of our hosting agreement. We do have automated systems that look for issues like these and will email customers to let them know there is a problem. However, with the millions of hosting customers we have, sometimes the system misses that there is a problem. If a migration did occur, then your site would have been scanned again and that's probably why the problem was noticed. If you feel that your hosting account is in line with our Hosting Agreement, then I'd suggest getting in touch with our support team so they can have the matter reviewed more thoroughly. 


We will have your feedback forwarded on as appropriate to improve how things are done. We're always looking for ways to get better and we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us. Thanks!



JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

I understand there is an explanation for why my price went up by more than 50%, I'm just letting you know its not acceptable when use has not changed. Its understandable there may be price increases but more than 50% is worth leaving over.


I guess along with moving to this new server I get new limitations. I have been hosting zip files full of albums and have a section where there is a single large video for download. While we do not receive much traffic, it seems even with the increase in price... I now have to buy ADDITIONAL services to host a simple mp4 or zip files.  Apparently storing them is against terms of service for a regular web hosting package and I need an additional file server/host package.

So basically I will need to triple my monthly fee to maintain the the number of websites I have had on godaddy for over a decade.  

I'm sure I will not be the only lost customer due to these bad business practices. Now I will go back to spending my day going through the 20+ folders that were flagged and delete the zip files or un-compressing them... taking more space... and I will have to download the stuff I need to host elsewhere in the interim which is a lot of data and puts a large load on the server. which is what you are claim to be trying to prevent... 

Way to go! real smart!  Excellent job Godaddy!

Community Manager

@Clownsec I do understand your frustration. I can't do anything to adjust the price of your new plan (if that is what happened) but do appreciate you explaining your thought process. You can always have our support team do an account review to see if there are better options for you.


To clarify the issue with your files, the same limitations apply to all shared hosting plans. The issue with your account specifically likely went unnoticed for some reason. Once the issue was "seen" by the system, that would have triggered the warning email. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.