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Trying to find DNS info for subdomain

Forgive me, I am completely new to hosting and name servers ect.


A friend owns through Godaddy while I own hosting through, also on Godaddy. I am currently hosting his website at which I'd like to link to, without the forwarding w/ masking so the URL looks clean and responsive/mobile css can actually be accessed.


The Name Servers I've been provided through my hosting is ns71/ and his were set to ns17/ns18, however when I change his to ns71/72 I get no change. The website currently does not load anything - "Safari Can't Find The Server".


I am guessing I'm missing something, probably simple, but again I am brand new to this!


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


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Re: Trying to find DNS info for subdomain

# In the Hosting account #


Add the domain and select the appropriate folder.


Find the appropriate IP address (looks like 123.456.78.90).





# In the domain account #


Set the nameservers back to default.


Edit the existing A record to point to the IP address from the hosting account.


Host: @

Points to: (hosting IP address)



# These changes can take up to 48 hours, but generally within an hour or two. #