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PHP not being executed

I have been supporting a site for the last 2 years that has been running since 2012.  Lately several pages are having intermittent failures and I have tracked it down to the fact if you execute the same php page more than 3 times in about 30 seconds on one machine the php script will not be executed and you will be returned the data from a previous execution.  You can demonstrate the problem using:


            echo date("Y-m-d H:i:s");


 After 3 refreshes using the browser key, the time will stop updating until you wait a couple of minutes before pressing refresh again.  If the pages contains a video still from a camera with a timestamp in the video, the video timestamp will be updated but the php timestamp will not be updated, so the page is being refreshed just the php is not being executed.  If the parameters in the URL are changed, the browser will display the correct URL but $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] will contain a previous and now erroneous value (but it will match the erroneous display).


This is not a browser issue.  Once the lockout occurs on Chrome on your desktop, copy and paste the URL into Firefox on the same machine and you get the same wrong data with both browsers.   Access the page on a tablet and it will lockout as well but independently of the desktop lockout.


I spoke to Support and they say this is by design to prevent a denial of service attack.  I can see that it would be reasonable to take evasive action if the number of refreshes was excessive but 3 times per 30 seconds seems very unreasonable. 


Scenarios where this issue comes into play are a php page that calls itself with different parameters.  e.g. display the first 20 items, key Next for the next 20 items and so on.  This will fail after pressing Next 3 times is about 30 seconds.


The support people I have talked to are unwilling to do anything to resolve my issue and suggest that I rewrite my code (that used to work) which is non trivial since there are over 30 php files, a large number of which are affected by this issue.


I am using “Economy Web Hosting Windowsbut Support says I would see the same issue with the regular Hosting service.


Does anyone have a suggestion or is experiencing/aware of this problem?  It looks like my only option is to move to a different hosting site.