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Not able to assign Domain to Hosting plan

I purchased a Hosting plan and when I go into Set Up, I am asked to Pick a Domain from a drop down list but the one I want to assign does not show up. I do see other Domains of mine in the list but not the one I want to assign. There is an option to type in the Domain name but when I do I get a message saying that it is already hosted, but it is not.
Any idea what could be happening?
Advocate VII

Hi @lerxst,


Is this a domain name that you have been using with another plan or hosting at another provider?  This message is generated when the DNS records are checked by GoDaddy and the "search" says that this domain is literally being hosted on another server.  Even if you have closed an account at another provider, if you have not changed your DNS and Nameserver settings they remain as defined to that provider.


Start your review by logging into your account and look under the Domains dropdown.  If your  registrar is not GoDaddy, log in to your registrar. Look at your nameserver settings.  Where are the pointers refererencing?  This piece of information will tell you where this "other hosting" is located. GoDaddy nameservers will look something like this:  If you are already using your domain at GoDaddy, support will be able to walk you through the changes required.  Its not difficult, just a couple of steps involved.


Hope this helps,


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Hi JMPepper,


Thank you for your response. This domain is registered with GoDaddy and the name-servers are under     The domain was assigned to another hosting plan with GoDaddy up until yesterday, when I cancelled the plan and purchased another different one, also with GoDaddy. 


Could it be that not enough time has gone by for the changes to be updated and the domain is still being linked to the old hosting plan that I cancelled?    It has been about 20 hours since I made the change.


Maybe a matter of waiting a little longer for changes to take effect?

Thank you.

Hi @lerxst,

This may very well be a case of timing.  What I would do is call/email support directly and ask them to help you make your hosting-to-domain assignment.  Because of the hosting cancellations, sometimes parameters are reset and don't actually match what's going on with your DNS settings.  Support can immediately look and check your DNS with regard to it propagating correctly to your new hosting account.


On the 20 hours.  Usually with everything GoDaddy, it is well within 24 hours.  However, things can take longer if you've made a series of changes (e.g. nameservers, ip, a-record.....).  Still go ahead and contact support directly though even if it hasn't been 24 hours.


Hope this helps,

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